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MS21042 Drawing Revision M, 1993


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MS21042 Series | Cadmium Plated Steel-Alloy Lock-Nut

MS21042L Series | 'L' - Dry Film Lubricated

MS21043 Series | Dimensionally the same as MS21042, only made of stainless

MS21044N Series | A hexagonal self-locking nut with nylon insert

NAS1804 Series | 12 point lock-nut, which is dimensionally similar to the MS21042 series. Made of alloy steel and cadmium plated

NAS1805 Series | Dimensionally the same as the NAS1804, only made of A286. May be cadmium or silver plated, and with or without lubricant.

NAS1291X | Cadmium Plated without Lubricant

NAS1291 | Cadmium Plated, Dry File Lubricated

NAS1291C | Stainless A286, Silver Plated, without Lubricant

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EASA_EAD 9/20/2013

EASA_EAD 10/30/2013

EASA_EAD 5/02/2014

EASA_EAD 5/07/2014

EASA_EAD 5/13/2014

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MS21042 Series LMC | Style A

MS21042 Series LMC | Style B

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